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Ballyclare Primary School

Forest School - week 6

11th May 2017

Mr Gordon’s Primary 5 class have been working with pupils from Tir-Na-Nog Primary School over the course of six weeks in the Six Mile Water Park to help achieve our Forest School award.  Our final week was led by Mr Gordon and the children moved to another part of the park to learn about camouflage!

First we played a game called 'caterpillar camouflage'!  We had to work in teams of three to find little wool caterpillars Mr Gordon had planted in the hedge.  There were three colours of caterpillar: red, pink and brown.  The red ones were really easy to find, the pink ones could be found if we looked closely but the brown ones were really hard to find as they blended into their surroundings.  We then learned about other animals and insects from natures that use camouflage as a defence strategy and also as a way to sneak up on their prey! Fascinating! 

We then were given the task of using our camouflage knowledge to build our own bird hides in the long grass and trees.  We used bamboo canes, netting, string and lots of hedge and tree clippings that we had brought in from home (with a little extra help from Mrs Kennedy and her husband who were doing a lot of gardening recently!).  As you can see from the photographs we had great fun creating our bird hide structures in the sun! Well done everyone!