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Ballyclare Primary School

P7 investigate floating and sinking

13th Mar 2017

As we have been learning about the Titanic, the P7 pupils tried experimenting with different materials to predict and discover which materials can float or sink. Did you know an orange can sink and also float depending on whether it is peeled or not? Try investigating it yourself at home!

We take Science very seriously and made sure we were in the correct gear with our Science coats and safety goggles! You can see some of the experiments we did to investigate how the Titanic stayed afloat and how it ultimately sank.

We also created a reconstruction of the Titanic meeting an iceberg to show how the bulkhead compartments could withstand a little water, but the impact of Titanic grinding the huge iceberg causing huge damage meant that most of the compartments filled with water, causing her to sink.


We had lots of fun investigating this and completing our own experiments.  Have a look at our pictures to see what we did!